KC Audit: your trusted partner for auditing and assurance services in the Netherlands.

Are you searching for an audit assurance service in the Netherlands? Look no further than KC Audit, your dedicated partner for your Legal Dutch Company audit. Our team of international specialists consists of seasoned accountants and auditors, who provide a hands-on approach and are fully equipped to tackle all challenges of the (international) business practice, like the public company audit requirements.

What audit services does KC Audit offer as financial audit firm?

    • Audit of financial statements; 
    • Independent reviews;
    • Other assurance work.

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Benno Maassen RA

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Why choose KC Audit as your expert for mandatory and voluntary audits?
As a firm we strongly believe in a business environment that is not bound by borders and is not restricted by large pyramid style business models.

The way we aim to achieve our believes is embedded in our corporate values: a professional environment encouraging our professionals to always engage responsively providing responsible advice in a pragmatic fashion.

How does KC Audit help you with audit financial services?

KC Audit specializes in providing a wide range of audit services, including both voluntary audits and mandatory audits.

Voluntary audits – voluntary audits can provide valuable insights into your financial health and operations. We offer voluntary audit services that go beyond compliance, giving you a deeper understanding of your business and its potential for growth.

Mandatory audits: For companies that are required by law to undergo audits, we offer mandatory audit services to ensure full compliance with statutory requirements. Our meticulous approach guarantees that your audit is conducted without any hiccups.

Licensed to audit – KC Audit is a proud member of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants, the NBA and currently in the process of being registered with The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). This license allows us in the future to perform statutory audits in the Netherland. Pending audits will be performed under license of a partnership. As an NBA member firm KC Audit is an officially regulated audit firm. This means that the bookkeeping and reporting services are subject to a minimum standard quality checks which ensures the highest standard of audit and assurance services.

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KC Audit is ambitious, client-centric, with a strong focus on results. Our advice is specific. Our service is hands-on.
KC Accounting, KC Audit and KC Legal work together to service Dutch companies from Foreign investors and Corporates with respect to all accounting, audit, tax advisory and tax compliance needs.
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We pride ourselves on informed and ethical behaviour.

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We have formally integrated teamwork into our processes.